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About The Foundation Expert


The Foundation Expert is a Certified General Contracting Firm, operating under engineering principles and the direction of several Professional Engineers, with license and certification in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Since 1973, we have inspected thousands of foundations and have started and successfully completed hundreds of residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and public work projects. Our business model is “Zero Tolerance for Complaints, Turn Every Customer into a Reference.”


The Foundation Expert operates with legal license, necessary and mandated certifications, with an unsurpassed level of ethics, excellence and experience in the Construction, Engineering and Home Improvement Industry.


Our Mission is to provide the public at large, and specifically you, our client, with superior consultation services and expert advice. This advice includes the most cost effective solutions to any issues you may have, and the most technically innovative and highest quality products and services available to meet and exceed your comprehensive needs and desires.


Our Vision is to be the The Foundation Expert, the Home Improvement Expert, and America’s Best Contractor. We accomplish this by being the very best in Foundation and Structural Repair, Waterproofing, Home Improvement, EPA Certified Lead Renovation, Mold Remediation, and Green Technology.

We Accomplish Our Goal of “Zero Tolerance for Complaints, and turning every customer into a reference” Through:

  • Providing our clients with the finest products and services going beyond what is currently offered in the marketplace in value, quality of installation, and scope of service.
  • Implementation of green technology and innovation.
  • Excellence in service and follow up by continually performing as your personal consultant, providing you with expert advice, cost-effective solutions, products and services.
  • Superior incentive-based human resource strategies within the corporate structure.

Our Ethics Policy

Ethics is a general term for what is often described as the “science (study) of morality.” In philosophy, ethical behavior is that which is “good” or “right.” The Western tradition of ethics is sometimes called moral philosophy. Ethical behavior is more than complying with the law, which is expected; when you do the ‘correct or right thing’, you raise your standards and go beyond what is simply law.

Ethical conduct requires knowledge and experience regarding laws, rules, codes of conduct, and policies applicable to one’s specific situation or industry. In this sense, Our ‘Ethics Policy’ is our standard for behavior expected by The Foundation Expert, LLC, of its owners, managers, staff, and as such, it is also behavior that YOU, our present and future client should expect of us. Our ethics policy is commonly known throughout our organization, whether expressly communicated or not.

(Complete Ethics Policy available upon request)


What’s in it for you, the homeowner?

Time savings and peace of mind! The correct answers to your questions and problems, located in one place, as opposed to fifty different websites and publications, so you don’t have to waste your time looking for hours and days. Expert consultation with any of our experts to help you with your decision making process. Expert consultation, unbiased, without pressure.

We’re hoping that after you have surfed through this site, you will then consult with us; allow us to represent you, to be your Personal General Contractor or a third party consultant. Our motive is to serve you and your true needs – for the rest of the time that you own your home.

What’s in it for us, the Foundation Expert?

Your trust and a lasting relationship. We’re capable of performing in any capacity for any project you may have now or in the future. But for now, before we know each other, allow us to come out, at your convenience, to inspect your home, diagnose your unique situation and prescribe specific, scientific and time-tested remedies. Then, if work is necessary to solve your issues, allow us to continue to act as your consultant or general contractor, to either do all the work ourselves, or to contact other reputable companies, to negotiate the best deal possible for you, in any circumstance, and in any application, so that you have the peace of mind that you not only got the best deal, but with the contractor or company most qualified to do the work.

All too often, because it is stated eloquently, with the proper amount of enthusiasm, we as consumers are inclined to believe what people say or state; regardless of whether they speak the truth or not. Many companies out there propose to give you a FREE inspection or estimate, when all you are really receiving is a FREE sales pitch. This is truly a direct conflict of interest.

The ulterior motive of a FREE inspection is to make you pay for it with a contract to do work. Usually the company providing this FREE inspection perceives that it is in their best interest to prescribe doing more work than less work (or no work at all). On the other hand, you now have an opportunity to pay for a qualified scientific inspection that will factually and truthfully determine what issues you may or may not have, what the recommended solutions may or may not be; with no conflict of interest as we are working on your behalf, as your consultant, without regard to any third party business which might profit from your situation or hardship.

The Foundation Expert is not one person, but a team of experienced, seasoned veterans in all phases of residential and commercial construction, renovation, and repair. We have assembled a team of credentialed, licensed and certified engineers, waterproofers, foundation and structural repair contractors, home and basement inspectors, custom home builders and remodelers which can answer ANY question you may have.

One thing will become clear – your search ends here. You have finally arrived at the one site that has all of the answers, the real answers, the various remedies that are endorsed and explained by engineers and industry experts, by foundation and structural repair experts; by certified mold remediation experts, by home builders.

Don’t let your American Dream turn into your Worst Nightmare!

Quite possibly the biggest question, the most important question you need answered isn’t how and why these issues are occurring, but who is truly qualified to diagnose and provide the remedy, the solution that will give you peace of mind; which company or contractor will actually provide the solution, not just take your money and do nothing, or worse – make the problem greater or destroy your foundation and home.

With contractors, just having or possessing the knowledge to fix the problem is light years from applying that knowledge. Just because I know the correct path to walk here on earth, doesn’t mean that I walk that path.

Foundation and Structural Repair contractors, commonly referred to as ‘Waterproofers’ or Waterproofing Companies, are not licensed waterproofers; they are licensed contractors which is a world of difference. A contractor is one who understands Contract Law, who has passed tests based on that knowledge and passed. You don’t need a waterproofing license since none exists. There are little or no building codes waterproofers need to adhere to if they’re working on a home which is over 2 years old.

Back to waterproofing and what’s in it for you. If you hire a waterproofing company, they can simply state that they will sprinkle magic fairy dust in your basement and that will cure the problem, and if you accept that, there’s nothing to stop them from doing that, except in my experience, most magic fairy dust applications don’t work. You actually need an application that does work. One designed by engineers, and tested over decades of time by legitimate and ethical waterproofers; real structural repair contractors.

“Basement waterproofing is an industry mired in controversy, from its very beginnings to the multiple million dollar industry that it has become.” Angie’s List Article, Monday, July 1, 2002 (Angie’s List is a premier Consumer Website, representing consumer interests.)

Again, one key concern you should have is who you will hire to fix the problem. The following article by Mr. Kirby seems to capture this sentiment:

“A basement waterproofing company is a lot like a dandelion in a spring meadow. If you find one, there’s bound to be a few hundred more out there. Because leaky basements occur in a pretty substantial number of homes, the number of listings under the heading ‘basement waterproofing company’ in the phone book (or the number of search-engine results on the Internet), is pretty high. If you wanted to, you could just close your eyes and point.” But trust us. You don’t want to do that.

So how do you choose the right basement waterproofing company when there are so many out there? There’s a whole list of criteria you can use to determine whether a basement waterproofing company is the right one to work on your home. You can check out their list of services. You can ask for customer testimonials. You can get a feel for them by talking to one of their representatives. Or you can hire us, and we’ll tell you.

It is estimated by various publications (PG County WSSC and organizations, and the American Institute of Home Inspectors, that “90% of all cinder block basements (CMU Concrete Masonry Units) have water problems and 60% of ALL homes with basements have water problems.” The author’s opinion is such – you have a water problem now, will have a water problem in the future, or have taken the appropriate steps necessary to waterproof or manage your water problem.

The problem and the solutions truly break down into 4 components:

  1. Soil
  2. Water
  3. Concrete
  4. Drainage

But understanding the problem is only the beginning of the process. Many people out there can explain what is going on, and know what the proper solutions are; they’re just not qualified to provide the solution.

Moisture and water problems in basements or below grade structures are normal and very common. In fact, every foundation will have issues with water. Although, we as human beings depend on water to live, water and the acids or sulfates which are commonplace in the rain, the ground, and subsequently the water, is your home’s worst enemy. But water is only a symptom of more serious problems. You may have a headache, but aspirin is not the cure, only a pain medication to mask the symptom. The issue is not water but why is there water in your basement or under grade structure – how did it get in?

According to Iowa State University, “Basements are not designed to be waterproof, only water resistant. When water in the soil is only a few inches above the basement floor, water can find openings and seep or flow into the basement. Water creates such high pressures that sealing cracks will not prevent water from leaking into the house if the soil around the house is saturated. For example, when the soil is saturated to 3 feet above the floor level, the force of the water is more than enough to lift the concrete floor slab.”

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