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What can I say other than Sam Weisgal (the owner) gets it. When I say “it”, I mean the concept of professional service and all that concept entails.  If you’ve worked with any contractors on any significant project related to your home, you will know that’s no small feat in the home improvement industry. I work in the financial services field, and there’s no business more sensitive and scrutinized than handling someone else’s money.  From my lens, Sam and his staff deliver a level of service that is the equivalent, on a universal scale, with the ‘high touch’ service you might receive anywhere in any business.

And in my opinion, that’s all you really need to know.  Nevertheless, I will elaborate with the following observations as they relate to the work he completed on our house:

1. Sam is/was always available.  The man doesn’t sleep.  You call him and he answers almost every time regardless of time of day, weekend, from the beach on vacation, whatever.  Sometimes I call late with the intent of leaving a voicemail about something I’ve just thought of related to the job, and he answers.  I apologize for bothering him late, and he says to me (on more than one occasion), “If you call me, you’re never bothering me.”   If I’m up late catching up on email, and send him an email about the job, I get a response in 5 minutes.  Then, a follow up email might be sent before I get up in the morning.  This is hyper-service, and I’ve rarely encountered it in any business.


2. They manage expectations.  Sam explains what is going to happen, what surprises they might encounter, and gives you a realistic estimate for all of it.


3. They deliver.  The job is done right, and they keep at it until you’re completely satisfied.  Other contractors have remarked on the quality.  Quality matches/exceeds prices.


4. Sam immediately addresses problems and makes no excuses.  No one is perfect, and Sam sets the bar high for those who work for and with him.  I had a bristly conversation with a person in the one of the other companies under Sam that worked on my basement.  Sam apologized, made no excuses, addressed it, and there was no further issue.  In another instance, a somewhat superficial aspect of our project we discussed – the re-grading of a small slope near one of our basement windows – did not get completed during the first job.  It’s not actually a current problem, I haven’t seen any water at the window during heavy rain.  I totally forgot about it but then called Sam about it over a month later.  Sam felt bad about it and eventually offered to put in a new window well at that window (80″ window) at raw cost, an option we had originally passed up due to cost and lower urgency.


5.  The staff is professional.  Apart from my one bristly conversation mentioned earlier which was addressed, Sam’s staff and workers were terrific.  Jamie, the foreman from Apex, was great, and Troy and Juan from Sam’s crew were as well.  His workers were all friendly and worked non-stop.  Sherry, in the office, is very sweet.


6.  They exceed expectations.   We had other work going on in our basement that couldn’t continue without the drainage system going in.  Sam understands time is money and fast-tracked our project to minimize the disruption. In another instance, this month, our patio drain backed up in heavy rain and began to flood the adjacent sun room.  He sent over his project manager, Troy, at night with a sump pump connected to a fire hose to pump the water away at no charge.  This issue was not related to the work they were doing, but I didn’t know who else to call, and Sam just took care of it.  Also, see previous note about window well at cost.


I’m sure there’s more that I’m leaving out, but I think you get the idea.  The contrast between The Foundation Expert and other contractors I have dealt with could not be wider.  So, if  you want to worry about whether your contractor’s going to show up, whether he’s going to be hung over, or which of his multiple personalities you’ll be dealing with, by all means hire someone else.  Or you can hire The Foundation Expert.


Dallas Vipond




The Foundation Expert team are the most professional contractors I have worked with in my 25 years living in Maryland.

Sam showed up exactly on time and immediately showed me his contractor’s license without being asked.

The team quickly went to work looking for the source of my water leak. Once they discovered where the water was coming in Sam quickly provided the cost and timeline associated with the work. I checked the quote against other contractors and Sam’s price was very reasonable. Once the repair work was completed the Foundation Expert crew cleaned up the area as though they had never been onsite. I will definitely call The Foundation Expert team for any additional contract work I may have in the future!


Kyle Hutchinson

Gaithersburg, MD



Fantastic. My elderly mother has a home in Silver Spring, and I help her with various tasks related to health and home. When visiting I often noticed that her house had a moldy odor. She noticed it, too, and frequently complained about it. But she insisted on treating the problem with products like Damp Rid and a dehumidifier. This of course did nothing to get at the real problem. And it was clear that when it rained, her house was a leaky mess.

My mother was very reluctant to have any business come help. Too many scary stories. But we heard good things about The Foundation Expert so we took a chance and asked for help. Sam Weisgal — the Foundation Expert — came to my mother’s home. His honest and straight-forward manner was immediately agreeable to my cautious and suspicious mother. He explained the problem in detail so that my mother fully grasped the nature of the problem, how it happened, and how it needed to be fixed.


He provided options so that she felt comfortable with the solution they agreed upon. She proceeded, ever concerned, and was absolutely delighted with her decision. The work crew came and were polite, efficient, and incredibly hard workers. It was a bit noisy and messy at first, but the workers worked very hard and by the middle of the second day not only were they finished but it was hard to know they even were there. Of course there was new gravel outside and the new concrete inside but there was no mess.


It is important to note that this was a decades old problem that my mother refused to treat because she does not trust businesses to be fair or, for that matter, good at their craft. Yet this experience with The Foundation Expert was exceptional. Moreover, this service was performed two years ago so we speak with confidence when we recommend The Foundation Expert. The problem … well there is no longer a problem. The only problem is why my mother waited so long to fix it. She sings praise for the work crew and for the company. This from a woman hard to please. Based on the superb service provided to my mother, I have referred Mr. Weisgal to many friends for their waterproofing needs. But I learned that


Mr. Weisgal does more than just waterproofing. He remodels. Well count me in. I already have started to develop the plans for extensive renovations to my home and he is my first and only choice. Straight-forward and honest, he also demands perfection, which is what I like most. It’s done right. And that is right by me. My mother and I both endorse The Foundation Expert. Whole-heartedly. Without hesitation; without reservation.


Barbara de La Viez

Bethesda, MD



Originally, I hired Sam (The Foundation Expert) to fix a leak I had coming into my basement. I was so impressed with his knowledge, his genuine passion for his field of work, his ability to answer all of my questions and concerns, that once the foundation leak was repaired, I hired his company to finish my basement (that had been damaged due to a flood.) I was extremely satisfied with the work performed in my house and would highly recommend him to anyone.


Michele Webb

1608 Tobys Court




We had interviewed a lot of companies that failed to respond with quotes. Quotes were prompt and very reasonable. Service began and was completed within days. Workers were courteous, communicative, resolved typical problems acceptably, clean, respectful, etc. Work was high quality. In the past 5 years, the majority of our engagements (major kitchen and bath renovations, carpentry) have left us feeling disappointed with service… they all left something hanging and stopped responding to issues or problems toward the end. We feel quite differently with The Foundation Expert, and would indeed use them again. We are providing here


Abbey & Ken Fagin

Gaithersburg, MD



I had been having water problems in my basement of my townhouse for the entire length of ownership, over 16 years. I had several companies come in and do quick fixes such as sump pumps and French drains, but I continued to get water in the basement. Since this is a rental property, it was especially important to get the problem addressed once and for all. I found the Foundation Experts and was extremely pleased with every aspect of the work. I am a long-distance landlord and the respect and response I received from Sam was completely unexpected and greatly appreciated.

Sam and his team not only did the job on the contract, but when the recent hurricane hit the Atlantic Coast and offered more water issues, he quickly identified the problem, came up with a very reasonable estimate and solved my water problems once and for all. I would highly recommend them to anyone!


Christine Gedney

3784 S 2000 E




I got an estimate from The Foundation Expert because the basement flooded because the power went off because of a hurricane. Our finished basement that is almost 2,000 square feet flooded. They came out and recommended things to stop it from flooding and to replace the walls, carpet, baseboards and molding. They also have to fix cracks.

I am waiting on a quote from another company so I can compare them. So far everything has been positive. The house is only 5 years old and there are also cracks in the floor so we don’t know if it was faulty workmanship or the earthquake. He came out and he was sincere and took his time. He was very detailed in his explanation of what they were doing and why they were doing it. I was impressed by that. The quote is good for 30 days and I am waiting for my insurance company to come out. From the very first email I got back from him, we have exchanged pictures and videos. It was very good.

Transcribed from a telephone interview


Vernon Butler




Cracks in foundation externally from earthquake. We didn’t book them because it turned out the damage was only superficial and we didn’t need repairs, but appreciated the professional assessment.


They were great – easy to schedule, prompt for appt, and provided free estimate on foundation repair (a number of companies were unable to schedule an appt promptly and charged up to $250-300…even for estimate).

We sometimes come out to a home and don’t feel justified in charging the normal $350 (Angie’s List customers get a break) for a Foundation Inspection, or $475 for a Certified Structural Engineer’s Report.


Cara Gerhard

Silver Spring, MD



Responded within hours of email. Inspected the foundation and gave an honest assessment that resulted in no foundation work required or expense. We have the utmost respect for professionals that don’t try to take advantage of customers. Foundation Expert can be trusted.

We had damage to our standalone garage door. Foundation Expert arranged for a carpenter to repair. The work was excellent and very fair price.

We are very satisfied.

From the day Foundation Expert visited us to the day the carpentry work was completed we had the best possible experience.


Joseph Spaniol

Bethesda, MD 20817



I called Sam to do a structural integrity inspection on my property after noticing some settling which had occurred over time. Sam came out and arrived fifteen minutes early and patiently waited for me to arrive as well. Sam took his time and did a thorough inspection of the property and offered some very helpful pointers along the way. He took lots of photos and provided me with a very comprehensive report of my property and his conclusion was that everything was okay. He was very trustworthy and I am already planning a second project with him.

Initially I was concerned that it would be difficult to find someone who was knowledgeable however any concerns I had were put at ease when I met Sam. He is very friendly, helpful and incredibly knowledgeable about structural foundations and how to keep water out of basements. I was very pleased with his professionalism and friendliness. I would definitely recommend him again.


Will Stein

BOWIE, MD 20715



I had a crack from the earthquake we had and they came in to seal it from the outside and the inside. The also put up a protective cover on the outside.


They did a really good job. We have had a couple of storms since then and we have not any issues to speak of.


Captain Robert “Top Gun” Iler

Gambrills, MD 21054



Excellent job. Good price. Responsive. Dependable.


Colonel and General Koenig



I had two different cracks within my foundation on two different walls identified from all the flooding between the spring and summer deluges that were allowing water to pool under tile, and through an existing crack in the unfinished basement. As well, he quoted the replacement of a new sump pump.

I was extremely pleased with Sam’s professionalism, and his knowledge of waterproofing. I had researched a little online prior to his arrival, but he still took the time to explain the what and why’s of the problems I had within my foundation. After we talked about his assessment of both the cracks, and replacing my ancient (and very loud) sump pump, we came to a preliminary price based on what the repair would require pending any further discovery of problems. Sam also welcomed getting other quotes, to compare with other businesses. He hands down, was more detailed and knowledgeable about what needed to be done instead of selling me an overpriced foundation digging project around the base of my house. My two other quotes were grossly overpriced, and failed to walk around the house and look at any and all potential problems. Sam also adjusted his schedule to not only get the quote done, but also had his two workers come out on a Saturday to dig a hole as the weather cooperated instead of a future date when the weather was calling for more rain. His 30+ years of experience in dealing with concrete and waterproofing is to be taken seriously. I would highly recommend him again to anyone needing a waterproofing job completed. Respectfully, Rick (CPT)


Captain Rick Bell

Randallstown, MD 21133





The manager came out and he was a very nice person. He looked at the door and said it was not mold and did not charge me anything. I really appreciated his honesty and I just lucked out with him! He was very polite, courteous and personable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Company Response:

This   is a lovely 87 year old woman who lives around the corner from me in a condo unit. She thought she was having mold issues and when I arrived (for a paid inspection) I found a lot of dust which tends to congregate around the door jam, because of the mechanically ventilated buildings we all live in.


SAM: “I have the same problem in my condo and told her that it wasn’t mold. Yet, she was having an allergic reaction to something, so I asked permission and inspected her home and found the HVAC system was filthy. I went downstairs and spoke with the property manager and that will be taken care of.

But I also looked around and discovered that her humidifier had not been cleaned for at least 2 years and had more mold in that unit than you can imagine. Since she has difficulty navigating around, I called her son to handle the cleaning and / or removing of her humidifier.

As payment I asked for a bottle of water, and when she objected, I raised the price of my inspection to 2 bottles of water. I will check back with her, but truly my payment was received tenfold when she submitted this unsolicited.”


Conchita San Jose





Excellent. Installed egress window to replace standard basement window. Cut out 6-8′ outside and roughly 4-6′ down to below existing floor level. Installed 1/3 horsepower sump pump system outside within egress well. Framed interior drywall. Refloored entire room with laminate provided & repainted entire room with paint provided. Coordinated & managed all associated permits.

Sam is a consummate professional & dedicated to client satisfaction. There were a lot of moving parts with this job, and Sam did well to manage them efficiently & smoothly. I came to trust Sam through this job and have no qualms about returning to him for work in the future. We took other bids for this job and just couldn’t seem to sense the level of integrity with others that Sam seemed to convey from the start. We were affirmed in this judgment throughout the job as Sam repeatedly represented himself and his company as being anchored in honesty. This went a long way with us and is the main reason we plan to call on him again if and when the time comes.


Mason & Julie Champion

Phoenix, MD 21131



I had water entering my basement. I contracted with a different contractor who charged me a lot of money and his system failed miserably. I replaced my carpet 3 times and had to take him to court costing me time and money. My neighbor had problems with water in their basement as well. They went through Sam and his previous partner. They stayed dry and highly recommended Sam and his previous partner. Sam came over, gave me the history of our home and our area and knew what the problem was and how to fix it. I got another estimate which came in much higher than his. I signed the contract, they did the work well, cleaned up after themselves, and did so on time, at cost and without any additional time needed. During the installation process, Sam noted that the previous systems flaw was in the grading of the trench and an improper depth. As I mentioned earlier, I had to take the previous contractor to court. Sam used his decades of expertise and testified for me, for free. A whole day he took off to do this to help out, not for payment, but because he fights for consumers like me when they fall prey to unscrupulous contractors. The judge at my hearing noted that the testimony from Sam was the most effective and respected during the hearing. Since then, Sam has started his own business. I wish him well and I will use him again for other projects if needed. I know I won’t need him for waterproofing as they guaranteed their system for life.

It went flawlessly. They did everything they said they would do and were available for questions and other projects expeditiously.

SAM: “This   is a prime example of what is wrong in the Contracting Industry, especially here in the DC Metro area. Angie’s List is not perfect, but no one is doing a better job of filtering out the bad apples. Most consumers, home buyers, understandably, do not understand construction and certainly do not understand contracting. The previous contractor received 3 times what we charged for our work, yet his work was worthless, accomplished absolutely nothing except taking their hard earned revenue. I agreed to testify as an expert witness, and although it cost me 2 days of work, testifying on his behalf, defending the underdog was more valuable and more rewarding.

In the end, the bailiff came out and wanted my business card, the Judge enjoyed my testimony, and one of the visitors sitting in the court gallery recently contacted me requesting work to be done. I’ll profit here on Earth or when I return to the source, but someone needs to right this ship. So, in the end, our focus is helping others – this is what we do. We give an honest assessment of what is occurring and who to trust, who not to trust. It takes 2 weeks to become a waterproofer – it takes 8 years to become an engineer


David Martin

Falls Church, VA 22042




I discovered that the cinder block walls in my basement were crumbling due to water penetration…had 3 companies out to   and decided on The Foundation Expert. I’m glad I did.

Sam was excellent, responsive, no frills. Came quickly assessed my foundation issues and gave me a no-nonsense estimate. I liked that he didn’t bad mouth the competition, just focused on his credentials. His team did an outstanding job…quick, professional and cleaned up nicely when the job was done. My foundation is no longer crumbling and I don’t have any more water/mustiness in my basement. I’d gladly recommend Sam and his team to anyone for a solid, foundation water-proofing/repair (I recommended him and his team to my parents to fix their basement).


Sam Mackin





I noticed water coming into a corner of the basement of my 1959 rambler that I’ve owned for roughly a year. I contacted The Foundation Experts after reading all the positive reviews online. I promptly received a response from the owner, Sam. We schedule a time for one of his crew, Brady, to come out and assess the problem. Brady showed up on time and quickly assessed the problem. I had a proposal from Sam within a day. The short story is, my house is on a downgrade and all the runoff water in my neighborhood comes towards my house and pools in this corner of my yard. It’s a wonder the damage wasn’t worse considering that the drainage system in place was 60 years old. Sam’s proposal stated that the job would take 1-3 days, but the bulk of the work was completed in 1 day. Sam’s crew were extremely polite and professional. I can not express enough how professional, responsive, and accommodating Sam and his team are. I have a wife who works night shifts as a nurse and Sam was more than willing to avoid working the days after she worked a shift. I highly recommend Sam and The Foundation Experts. Sam deserves every positive   he gets on this site.


Albert Missirlian





I had water leaking into my basement from around my front porch. I called 5+ companies. Only three showed up for estimates. Two showed up and gave estimates for work that would not have corrected the issue. Sam’s estimate was significantly higher than any other estimate, BUT, he was the only one who seemed to understand the issue. He gutted the basement room where the issue was and replaced a sill plate and band board inside that had rotted out. Then, from the outside he demolished my flagstone porch to get to the point of intrusion, repaired the foundation, waterproofed the outside, put a protective mat in place, backfilled with gravel for drainage, and then rebuilt the porch.

This was a VERY intrusive and intensive job, and they had 2-3 guys on the job 8+ hours/day for a full week. One of the three owners/managers was almost always on site, and their crew was very professional and neat. Each night before they left, the cleaned up all debris out of the yard, covered the work with a tarp, etc. They protected my front door during the entire repair. I had one very small complaint: an uneven flagstone by the front door, and they rectified it within about 12 hours of my calling them. Overall, could not been more pleased. I hope I never need a foundation repair again, but they’re who I’ll call if I do!


Richard Franks





Sam Weisgal was a pleasure to talk to. As for responsiveness, I called the Foundation Expert and Sam called me back the next day. He scheduled an inspection with us for two days later and showed up on time. Now that’s what I call responsive. Sam Weisgal of The Foundation Expert inspected a leak we have in our basement where water was coming in from outside. Sam gave us a full survey of the house and spent an hour meticulously inspecting our basement and the perimeter of our house. He diagnosed our leak after climbing up our hill in the mud and pulling out his measuring tape (and kindly put booties on his shoes before entering the house). Our problem had to do with a steep grade, lack of proper drainage, and a hole in the brick wall where water forced itself in over the years. He told us exactly what needed to be done to fix it. Sam also identified another issue with our basement wall that we were unaware of. We’re on a tight budget and Sam was incredibly kind and recommended some drainage measures that we can take care of ourselves in the near-term.

I also really appreciated Sam telling us some things we could do ourselves to save money – that’s pretty rare these days. Thank You! We’ll be contacting him this spring once weather permits an excavation of the leak and hope to work with The Foundation Expert again.


Emma Nicholson




He came with a structural engineer. He was extremely helpful and provided a free estimate. I was very impressed that he brought a structural engineer. I would highly recommend him.






Foundation Expert came to my home to give an estimate on possible repairs for damage to my foundation. It was determined that no repairs were necessary. Afterwards I was given some pointers on taking care of the plants and grading surrounding the foundation. Foundation Expert was prompt, courteous, and professional. I deeply appreciate their integrity and honesty.


Charles Martin




Our Basement was an absolute disaster! Over the years (the house is 40 years old) clay backfill under the carport and against a basement wall had pushed that wall off its footer. It had been repaired 30 years ago with bracing and French drains, but the problem had returned and had gotten much worse. Every time it rained, we had water. Not seepage mind you, but a regular gusher that should have had its own name!

We called six companies to have a look, many of which never called us back. Two did and the one we went with, The Foundation Experts, were the only ones who said: “We have no idea what the problem is until we look at what’s behind that basement wall.” Sam Weisgal was very open with us about just how serious the problem was. He suggested they come do some test digging in the basement with no obligation to us and at minimal cost. We agreed.

The integrity of the house was being compromised and the repair could not wait much longer.

After discussing options with Sam and Dan, the job supervisor, we decided to go ahead.

Over the Holidays and into the New Year the work was done.

The car port and house were braced and the concrete torn out. The car port had a large open air space under it as the ground had subsided over the years.

The length of the basement wall (30 feet) was dug out, by hand mind you, to a depth of 8 feet, and the clay hauled off.

The old block wall was removed, the original footer was examined and found to be in good shape. A new wall was built in its place that was braced through the center of the wall.

An external drain system was installed that connected to the existing sump pump and French drains repaired. The block wall was coated in rubber and sealed. Many tons of gravel were brought in to fill the gapping trench. Luckily, due to the mild winter we were able to have the carport re-poured after a waiting period. The house bracing was removed and the work areas cleaned.

We could not be more happy with the result or with the service received form The Foundation Experts. They were just stellar!


Anton Struntz




They repaired a small crack in my basement wall that was seeping water after heavy rains. They used a foam injection in to the crack and covered with an epoxy.

Samuel did the estimate and communicated the process very well. Lawrence did the work and very clean, friendly, and punctual. The job went better than I expected, as most service companies these days leave a lot to be desired, but The Foundation Expert is top notch. They are also very military friendly with their pricing.


Seargent Jeff Frey

Burke, VA 22015




I had a finished basement that, with heavy rains, would have water seepage down the walls and across the baseboards and carpet. Each time, the carpet would get saturated and mildew was slowly forming on and behind the drywall that was staying damp.

I would worry whenever I heard the weather forecast announce several days of rain. I finally decided that, I couldn’t ignore the problem any longer. I called TFE after finding them on Angie’s List and reading their reports.

I called Sam and within a few days, he came to assess my basement. He performed a thorough inspection, removed some drywall to be able to assess the foundation wall behind, and explained to me the options.

Sam worked with my schedule and was able to start the following week.

His crew, led by Rudy, was punctual, very professional, and did excellent work. They draped the area to keep dust to a minimum, and cleaned up every evening before leaving. I am extremely satisfied with their work and it was a pleasure dealing with them.

Now, I no longer have to dread the R word (Rain !), and can enjoy a clean, mildew free and dry basement.

Thank you Sam, Rudy, and all the TFE crew.


Cecile Zimmer

Silver Spring, MD 20906



Samuel Weisgal and his team worked quickly and professionally to fix my basement leak issue. They were easy to work with and Mr. Weisgal was very responsive to email questions over the time period of the work. I was at work most of the time while they were at my house but Mr. Weisgal’ s team worked seamlessly with my wife. She especially liked the TFE folks because they also took time to explain the work to her instead of talking past her to me (as she felt others did who bid on the project). I will be recommending the TFEs to my neighbors when their basement leaks are discovered (it is inevitable, right?) Also, working with the TFE went well enough that I am asking them to bid on my basement interior remodel project as well. (TFE also does complete remodeling projects as well–check out their website).

Russell Morales

9104 Bramble Place

Annandale, VA 22003



After the earthquake, I purchased a foundation inspection for ease of mind.  The company showed up on time, walked through the house looking at different cracks in the interior walls and inspected the inside and outside walls for water leaks and cracks.  In general conversation, I discussed future remodeling I am planning and we discussed potential options.  I received a written report on the structural integrity of my foundation.   Individual was friendly, professional, arrived on time.  If I was to develop problems, I would contact this company.

Janet Erickson






The foundation experts came by to examine a sinking cement slab in our front bedroom.  They were prompt and courteous.  They performed a detailed evaluation of the problem and indicated that we were really in a wait and see situation.  There was no need to have the work done immediately, although that was an option if we wanted. They suggested that we monitor the problem and contact them if it got worse.  This was music to our ears.  These guys seem honest and competent. A combination of qualities I found lacking in other foundation repair companies


Mary Lilly




We called The Foundation Expert because our basement had flooded on several occasions during heavy rainstorms.  Sam and Kenny came out to our house at a time convenient to us and evaluated the problem and gave us an estimate.  After we agreed to the recommended work they again accommodated our schedule to complete the work.  Everything was done in a professional manner, and according to schedule. Inside, they covered all our belongings with plastic sheeting in order to keep dust from getting on them. In addition, some problems we had had with basement wiring were corrected during their work connecting the sump pump. The floor was repaired very well afterwards. Everything was cleaned up nicely after the work was done.  We had one minor problem regarding the re-installation of our AC unit (it had to be moved for the excavation).  Sam sent someone out the next day to fix the problem. We hope to never need their services again, but we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them in the future.


Kali Collins




I would highly recommend Sam and his team at The Foundation Expert for the work they performed on our house.  While a number of places were focused simply on installing an interior drainage system, Sam took the time to explore a number of other opportunities to prevent water from penetrating the block walls of our home, including waterproofing the outside and performing work in the crawl space.  I had a number of conversations with Sam in advance of making a decision and he took the time to explain the proposed scope of the work and even visited the house more than once to re-confirm everything before we signed up.  He and his team, led by Troy, were very thorough, always on time and always willing to answer questions during the course of the work.  His team was also very courteous and neat (and even willing to try to preserve landscaping), which was very appreciated given the significance of the project.  Again, we were very satisfied with The Foundation Expert and would highly recommend Sam and his team to others.


Josh Jones

Kensington, MD 20895




We had The Foundation Expert come out to look at some issues with our English basement but the engineer did not think there was a major structural problem.  Since we had paid for his time and that assessment was relatively quick, he asked if he could check all around the house.  He identified problems I knew about with some rotting on the window sills, a wood panel on the side of the house had termite and water damage, broken front door screen that needed refinishing, and repairing some raccoon damage done to our inside window sills (don’ t ask).  He had an estimator come out and give us a bid.  The bid was sent to us over E-mail and was well laid out.   Had some initial problems setting up a time for the work to begin but when I started going through Sherry at their main office and everything went smoothly.

Troy was the manager of our project and his attention to detail, enthusiasm for working on the project really showed.  It was great to have a contractor who really seemed to have a passion for his work.  He did a great job in doing some of the harder parts of the work himself, but also did a good job overseeing his crew – there was no wasted time.   We were very happy with the results and they finished on time.  Would recommend them without reservation.


Patrick Kirwan





The Foundation Expert did an excellent job on our very challenging assignment.  I highly recommend them to anybody who needs serious foundation & waterproofing work.

We just bought a very unique contemporary 14,000 sq. ft. house built on a hill.  We got a great deal on the house because it had many issues, one of which was a mildew-type smell in the lower levels and other signs of water damage.  I didn’t know much about waterproofing, foundations, crawlspaces, radon, or drainage.  Now I feel like I do, thanks to Sam & his team.  I also feel much better about how waterproof our house is.

We got several quotes for waterproofing the lower level, and The Foundation Expert was the most expensive.  However, I don’t think the other organizations really understood the extent of the problem and were only going to superficially fix the symptoms, not the root cause.  In the end, I feel we really got our money’s worth, or even more.

Just to excavate a drainage area in the crawlspace & refill it with gravel was a major effort.  They literally removed many tons of dirt bucket by bucket through a tiny access panel.  They then refilled it with tons of gravel through the same 3’x2′ access panel.  They had half a dozen or more guys working for about 2 weeks just doing those 2 activities.  They moved the excavated dirt about 100 yards away to a location on our property that needed fill dirt.

They also dug down under the existing footer / lintel to pour a new 6′ tall concrete wall.  The floors of this house step down a hill, and the original design should have had these foundation walls poured originally. (Other service providers weren’t going to do this).

They also did an excellent job on our flagstone / blue-stone patio.  It had to be dug up to pour one of the walls, but they put it back together better than it was originally.

At first I was a little confused / concerned about the different “teams” doing work.  Sam Weisgal explained that he has a couple of shared partners in his company and/or other companies.  Some of them share ownership & profits.  The “foreman” (not sure if that’s the proper term) we had were Dan & Troy and they were excellent. It never turned out to be an issue.  I guess with all the different trades that are needed in a big project like this (e.g. masons for the flagstone patio) that you can’t keep all on-staff.

They also helped with some guidance to some other contractors we had doing interior remodeling. Sam’s crews were all very polite & cleaned up after themselves.

If you’re looking to have foundation / waterproofing / basement work done, these guys are the pros!


Thomas McFadyen

McLean, VA