What is a French Drain? Here Is The Background On French Drain Systems

French Drain SystemIn 1859, a man named Henry French came up with the idea of a draining system for people who had flat yards. Henry French created a drain that diverts water away from a person’s house. The drain Henry French came up with is called a French drain. French drain systems were made out of clay tiles, but they are made with different material today. Here is more information on the French drain systems, how it works, and why they are an important part of a home even in today’s modern world.

How a French drain works: The French drain system helps create a path for water to use so it will drain out of your yard. These days, French drains are made with a pipe surrounded by gravel. The gravel will give the water a place to flow between the spaces in the gravel. To aid in the draining of your yard, the drain pipe should be tilted down.

That soggy yard or driveway: Do you have a problem with water collecting in your yard and turning it into a swamp? Every time it rains, does the water stick around in your yard? If you are having problems with a yard always being flooded then you need to look into installing a French drain system. To keep your yard or driveway free of water every time it rains, you should look into a shallow French drain system. This drain spans the length of your property and should be uphill of the area you want drained out. A shallow French drain is not deep; the depth of the drain only has to be a couple of feet. One of the most important aspects of using a French drain is where the pipe goes because if it’s in an area with a lot of trees you may have to use a solid pipe to keep the roots of trees from breaking the pipe or clogging it up.

Keeping that basement dry: Sometimes it’s not a person’s yard that gets flooded, it’s their basement. The problem is that you probably have a flat yard, and since your basement is underground, guess where the water is going to end up? By installing a French drain, you will give the water a place to drain to and keep your basement nice and dry.

The Perfect Drainage Mechanism
Creating a clear path for the water to drain out of your yard, the French drain offers the ideal water drainage solution for all flat surfaces. With French drain basement solutions by The Foundation Expert; you can keep the water flowing and save yourself from hefty structural damages.

Henry French invented a drain system in 1859 that is still in use to this day. Without that wonder that is the French drain, yards, driveways, and basements would stay flooded. Are you having flooding issues every time it rains? By installing a French drain, yu will solve that water problem and keep both your yard and basement dry.